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The Realms of twilight nominated as BEST NEW AGE song in LA AWARDS



Priscilla Hernandez song "The realms of twilight" has been officially nominated as best NEW AGE/FEMALE VOCAL category. You can know more about LA music awards to be celebrated next november in Hollywood here. There is another round of nominations and the awards will be celebrated and aired in television in October. I won't be attending but wish me luck!

Music Sites And Security

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You can see my official nomination (pdf)

You can listen to the song in question here

Visit of my friend Kristina Bode and new review

Well I've been away a week :) kidnapped by the visit of my talented friend Kristina Bode that came from Germany to visit... Actually this is the 5th time we meet each other wether here or in Germany, first time in an indie music meeting in Frankfurt and then back and forth LOL...
With her permission I borrow a pic she's posted on her lj blog :) and did herself! :)

On the other hand Ancient Shadows has gathered another excellent review!!! You can read it here!
I've been contacted but the music biz to tell me i'll be September featured artist on their site :) but so far it's not online!!

2 new Priscilla's websites

Just in case you want to be added like friends there, or leave comments and/or feedback!

If you are someone who wants to be popular in the internet, you should try to be different. Of course, no one is alike, but what is meant here is that you should offer the people something which has not yet been done before, something that could interest them! As you can see, there are many people who become popular just because of the internet. In fact, you don't need to be beautiful or sexy. Before, people need to audition in films to become part of such or to enter school specifically for drama and arts. Now, to enter the world of stars is already effortless.

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Priscilla Hernandez inFACEBOOK

Fairies, Fairies to the street!

Well this is a pic I've done for a feature in the new uk magazine :) might be used or not but it's been fun, original pic was taken by David Riche, then It was redone by photoshop adding wings and background and fancy things on it, took me a while painting and put it right
here we go...!!!

More on fairies...??? oh yes!!!
a month ago David, Myrea Pettit (fantasy illustrator) and her daughters came to get married in Spain, in fact she ordered a special "Ancient Shadows" wings made for the wedding and I felt so honoured so see her wearing the wings I designed in her happiest day... but then we had a crazy idea... why don't dressing ourselves like fairies and step into the street in a normal day? crazy but funny we did, and we went (aside from the common placses, fast food places, taxies and so forth) to a pub called the "fairy forest" that is boc de fades :) in which this pic was taken
me (blonde, purple wings), Myrea (white queen) and Charleigh (green and white)

can you imagine the reaction of people seeing fairies in the street, we really felt that way
look behind this link, it's funny!
and remember that fae nation is still making a contest to give away one of my cds... and remember please, MY LISTENERS, FRIENDS AND FANS to take a pic with my album and send it to me...
the album of the first brave ones can be seen here, THANK YOU!
and... yep one thing more only
I updated the "collaborators" page on the official site and added a few pics in the gallery here and there
quite a huge update awaits in  the official site ( so far the overal design now matches more the album! 

Win free copies of Ancient Shadows in Fae Nation and MSS

This month two sites are giving away one copy of my album Ancient Shadows. First the online webzine devoted to faery lovers FAE NATION. All you have to do is to reply one very simple question ;-) and follow the guidelines. The contest will run out till late August.



The other site is MYSTIC SOUNDSCPAES , a new age radio podcast... :), aside you can listen to relaxing music from several artists!

Also we're announcing that in a few days new articles (cards and prints) will be added to the store in addition to the cds :)

Interview in BELLA ONLINE / Entrevista en Bella Online

Sheila M. Goss from Bella Online -The voice of Women- had the courtesy of interviewing me for her online webzine. Here's a link to the full interview.

Sheila M. Goss de Bella Oline -The voice of women- ha tenido la cortesía de entrevistarme en su revista online. Aquí abajo os dejo un link a la entrevista completa.




Ancient Shadows elegido entre los top 10 recomendados en LH magazine (descarga y ejemplares gratis)

"In music there are still things that can give you goosebumps". Thus begins the top 10 recommended CDs for this summer in  LH magazine with over 10000 free printed magazines in all sort of music stores, pubs and places around spanish mainland. You can download a free copy of the magazine here (PDF)


Priscilla Hernandez en el stand PAE (feria de VIC)


Priscilla Hernandez will be at the PAE stand (self-editing artist association) in the VIC open air music fair. Though it's not a performance if you want to get your cd signed we'll be there!

Priscilla Hernandez estará en el stand de la pae en la feria al aire libre de VIC el próximo 15 de septiembre(asociación de artistas autoeditados). Si quieres que te firme algún cd o print allí estaremos!

Priscilla Hernandez in the Fairy Ball (Penzance, UK)


Priscilla Hernandez and Daughters of Gaia will sing to bring you a night of magic!



At The Acorn Theatre, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall (UK) 8pm til late!
Tickets are selling out fast so hurry up to get yours... and bring your fairest costumes to the ball and masquerade....
Tickets are £15 UKP and can be purchased direct from
or by clicking on the magic ticket below!
I'll also be signing and selling my prints and cds in the following days in:

Faery, Angel & Healing Fayre
27th - 28th October 2007
St Johns Hall, Penzance, Cornwall

back from theThree faery wishes festival!!!

It was indeed a magical experience

I leave you with this pic as a starter, in the following days I shall put a folder with pics, so far I've added also a few to my singer gallery in the official site.

But don't worry, i'll make a nice article about it so you can feel the overall mood of what it was!


Priscilla Hernández.

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